Looking For Ways To Get The Dishwasher Clean? Try These 3 Natural Solutions

Posted on: 4 November 2014

A smelly dishwasher can leave your dishes with a foul odor. Unfortunately, sending your dishes through a second cycle won't remove the odors. If your dishwasher has started smelling funky, you may need to sanitize it before washing any more dishes. Here are a few quick ways to remove the grime and foul odors, naturally. Vinegar Your dishwasher has hundreds of small cracks and crevices that can collect germs and bacteria.
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How To Polish Your Leather Sofa The Organic Way

Posted on: 18 September 2014

If you have recently purchased a new leather sofa, chances are you are looking for ways to add some shine and glimmer to the leather. While store-bought leather conditioners do the trick, they also contain harmful chemicals that should not be breathed in. To polish your new piece of furniture, try this homemade and organic alternative: Homemade Leather Polish: Vinegar is acidic in nature. Because of this, it can help tackle any hard to remove stains and bacteria left on the leather.
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