Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

Posted on: 6 April 2016

Carpets are a great flooring choice and they provide warmth and softness to your home. But carpeting is often subject to stains and spills that can't be removed as easily as tile or hardwood. Professional carpet cleaners know how to get almost any stain out and they have the experience to get your carpets back to their almost original condition. Here are a few tips from the pros about the best ways to clean and maintain your carpets for many years of enjoyment.

Always Blot

If you spill something onto carpeting, you should always blot the stain and never rub it. Rubbing will cause whatever's been spilled to get ground into the carpet fibers and it can leave behind a permanent mark. Instead, lightly blot the spill using a soft rag or paper towel to let the liquid absorb into the blotter and out of the carpet. Blot in an inward motion to avoid spreading the stain even further across the surface.

Ice Cube Gum Removal

If you have kids, the possibility of getting sticky, messy gum on your carpets is a distinct possibility. It can also happen if you've accidentally stepped on a piece of gum outside and have tracked it inside from the bottom of your shoe. But gum doesn't have to be a nightmare if you freeze it away. Simply place a large ice cube directly onto the gum until it gets frozen and feels solid. Use a spoon to gently scoop the gum up and away from the carpet. If there is any leftover residue, you can snip away some of the carpet's fibers as long as you don't cut them off too deeply into the carpet pile.

Grease Eliminated

If you spill cooking grease or other types of grease onto your carpet, you can use dishwashing liquid to help break it up much like you would with your greasy pots and pans. Mix a few drops of the detergent into a spray bottle with water, and lightly spray it on the carpet. Let it work its magic for a few minutes so the grease can start to break down. Then, gently blot it up and you should have a clean spot where the grease stain once was. While all of these simple tips are effective at removing common stains, a good steam cleaning every six months is the best way to restore your carpets to their original beauty. 

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caring for your carpet properly

Carpeting is a huge investment. If you don't care for your carpeting properly, that investment will need to be made again in the near future. So, how do you care for a carpet to ensure that it lasts as long as possible? Is there a proper way to vacuum? Which method of deep cleaning is safest for your carpet? I created this blog after learning all about carpeting care from a friend who owns a carpet cleaning company. I have included tips that she has shared with me and advice that will help to protect your carpet from damage that could actually be caused by cleaning.


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