How To Keep Brightly Colored Carpet From Fading

Posted on: 8 March 2016

Brightly colored carpeting can add a fun, artistic look to your room—but only for as long as it stays looking fresh and bright. If you're not careful, that brightly colored carpet will look faded and dull within just a few short years. But, if you follow these tips, you can keep it looking new for longer.

Invest in UV-blocking window films.

You could just keep the blinds closed all day to keep the sun from bleaching your carpet out, but who wants to live in a dark home? Instead of closing the blinds and shutting out all light, invest in UV blocking window films. These are sticky plastic sheets that you stick onto the window. They don't block all light, but they do block the wavelengths that would bleach your carpet. UV-blocking window films are sold at most home improvement stores, and they are easy to apply if you follow the instructions on the package. (Basically, you peel the paper off the back and stick them to the window).

Be careful when choosing carpet shampoos and stain fighters.

The average carpet shampoo is not made for brightly colored carpet. It might not significantly fade your carpet with one use, but use it several times, and your carpet will start to look dull and lifeless. When choosing carpet shampoos, look for one that is made specifically for brightly colored carpets. You might have to visit a specialty store (like a home improvement store instead of your grocery store) and pay a little more, but the cost will be worth it when your carpet still looks bright five years from now.

When shampooing, go over the carpet an extra time on the suction-only cycle.

If you shampoo your carpet yourself with a home carpet shampooer, it's important to understand how the shampooer works. Most have two modes: shampoo-and suction, and suction-only. On shampoo-and-suction mode, they spit out a mixture of water and shampoo while also sucking this mixture back up. If not all of the water and shampoo are removed, your carpet may develop a dull look from the shampoo residue. To make sure you remove as much of the water and shampoo as much as possible, go over the carpet with the shampooer on suction-only mode after you've already gone over it with the shampoo-and-suction mode activated. You'll be amazed how much more water (and shampoo) is sucked up during that second pass

Another option is to have your carpet professionally cleaned instead of shampooing it yourself. The powerful equipment the professional have tend to suck the soap and water up more thoroughly, so less dull, soapy residue will be left behind.


caring for your carpet properly

Carpeting is a huge investment. If you don't care for your carpeting properly, that investment will need to be made again in the near future. So, how do you care for a carpet to ensure that it lasts as long as possible? Is there a proper way to vacuum? Which method of deep cleaning is safest for your carpet? I created this blog after learning all about carpeting care from a friend who owns a carpet cleaning company. I have included tips that she has shared with me and advice that will help to protect your carpet from damage that could actually be caused by cleaning.


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