Four Good Habits You Can Teach Your Kids To Save Your Carpets

Posted on: 2 March 2016

While you might feel like you are fighting a losing battle with your carpets, there are some habits you can instill in your children to help. If you can get started on the right foot with a few ground rules in the home, you will have better luck in the long run in saving your carpets. Here are four rules that you should teach your kids to follow when it comes to carpet care.

1. Designated Areas for Eating

Kids should know better than snacking throughout the house. If you can get kids on board with having meals in the kitchen or dining areas, there will be less of a chance of spills happening in the livingroom or bedroom. You can make a kitchen nook more appealing for snacks and quick meals with a small kitchen TV or an area just for kids and their friends.

2. Shoes off Inside

If you can get your family to get in the habit of taking off their shoes when entering the home, this can go a long way in saving your carpets from dirt and grime. Especially during the winter months, mud can be easily tracked in and make a mess in hallways and the main areas of the home. Make the no-shoe policy more fun with family slippers or flip flops at the door.

3. Point out Spills Right Away

You never want your children to get to the point where they are nervous or apprehensive to tell you that they've had an accident on the carpet. Explain to your kids that everyone spills on the carpet at one point or another and that they should come to you immediately for help with cleanup.

4. Give Kids Their Own Space

While having meal times in the kitchen and trying to avoid spills are good ideas, accidents are going to happen. If you live in an area where kids will be cooped up for most of the winter, give them an area such as a rec room or basement that they can let loose in. This way, the rest of your carpets can have a break and your kids can be kids in a space with older flooring that you aren't so concerned about.

A good time to designate new rules in your home is after a new carpet installation, a move to a new home, or even after a major professional carpet cleaning. By starting out with clean carpets, you kids will be more apt to follow the rules and work with you to keep your home looking great. For professional cleaning, contact companies like Pristine Cleaning Systems.


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