Even If You'Re Too Busy For Thorough Spring Cleaning, Make Sure You Tackle These Important Tasks

Posted on: 2 March 2016

When you're juggling a job, a family, and a long list of other obligations, the prospect of taking time out for a thorough spring cleaning can seem overwhelming. However, even if you do not disinfect your home from ceiling to floor and sort through every item, it's important to do a little spring cleaning. Here's a look at the most important tasks you won't want to skip.

Have your carpet cleaned.

This one is easy, since you don't even have to do it yourself! Make plans to have your carpet cleaned this spring. After a long winter of people being trapped inside with colds, the flu and other illnesses, it's wise to have the carpet cleaned to remove these contaminants and keep your family healthy. Indoor allergens like mold spores and dust mites also tend to build up in the carpet over the winter when the home is not so well ventilated. Spring is also the perfect time to have your carpet cleaned by a professional like Enviro-Steem, since it's warm enough to open your windows and encourage the carpet to dry out faster.

Clean the entryway and hall closet.

After a winter of tracking in salt and ice with your boots, your entryway could probably use some attention. You don't want to let salt linger on floors and other surfaces for too long, since it can cause friction and permanent damage. Give the entire entryway a good wipe-down, and your whole home will feel fresher. Make sure you also go through the hall closet and tuck away those winter coats and boots so you're not having to push past them all spring and summer.

Scrub the bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Obviously, the bathroom is one of the most germ-laden places in your home. When was the last time you gave it a truly thorough cleaning? No, running a disinfectant wipe over the visibly grimy areas does not count. Even if you only do a quick cleaning (or no cleaning at all) of other rooms, the bathroom deserves this once-a-year deep cleaning. Make yourself a mixture of bleach and water, and wipe down everything from the floor to the ceiling. Really focus on scrubbing the shower, toilet and sinks. Not only will you be protecting your health by removing germs, but you'll also catch any mold growth in its tracks before it becomes a big problem.

If you clean the bathroom, the entryway, and your carpets, you'll have tackled the most important aspects of spring cleaning. Anything else can wait until you have more time in your schedule.


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