Items You Need To Upgrade To Reduce Allergens Inside Your Home

Posted on: 8 August 2015

Different allergens such as hair, pollen and pet dander can make your life very uncomfortable. For this reason, you need to know which items in your home should be upgraded to help reduce the amount of allergens inside your home.

Upgrade HVAC Filter

One of the easiest ways to keep some of the allergens out of the air is to upgrade the type of filter your HVAC unit uses. The filter's job is to collect airborne particles, but some of the cheaper products cannot handle smaller items like pollen and pet dander.

When inspecting the filters at the store, you want to look at the material used and you need to notice how big the gaps are between the threads. The cheaper ones normally have larger gaps and the material looks similar to sewing thread weaved around itself many times.

Another product type you will find is listed as air purifying filters. These filters have a much tighter weave that looks similar to fabric. The tighter weave is what catches the very small particles, which is why this type of filter is better for reducing airborne allergens. The only downside is that these filters cost more, but the reduction of allergens in the air is usually worth the additional cost.

Vacuum Upgrade

The next thing you most likely need to do is upgrade your vacuum. Older vacuums that rely on bags generally do not have any type of filter. With these models, the vacuum sucks up the debris from your carpeting and then it goes into the bag. However, since the bag is not airtight and they do not have filter, the smaller particles go into the air and back into your carpeting.

When you have allergies, you need a vacuum that has a filter and has a tank, not a bag. The tank allows you to empty the vacuum after each use, while the filter collects the micro particles that generally aggravate your allergies. Some vacuums even have filters you can rinse out with water to prevent the filter from clogging up.

It is important to note that as a vacuum gets older it loses some of its ability to pull debris out of your carpeting. You should not be surprised to find a lot of hair or other types of debris when you buy a new higher quality vacuum.

When you upgrade a few items in your home, you have a better chance of minimizing the amount of allergens in the air. By knowing how these higher quality items help, you will find it much easier to choose the right filter and vacuum for this purpose.


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